Best 10 Little Ducks

Published on May 12, 2014 by best10videos

Best 10 Little Ducks videos

10. Ducklings (171) Swimming In Their New Pool For The 1st Time

9. Ducklings Leaping From Nest Very High Up!
Stunning piece of film from the BBC show.

8. Truly Scrumptious Kittens playing with duckling hatchlings
18 kittens from four different litters playing with ducklings who are only a day old.

7. Puppies Herd Ducklings
10-week-old Australian Shepherd puppies hone their herding skills.

6. Ducklings from begining to hatching

5. Ducklings First Bath

4. Cat Feeding Ducklings
Amazing footage of ducklings with their mother cat! Track ‘The Butterfly Song’ by Harry Bird & The Rubber Wellies.

3. Walt Disney, Ugly Duckling

2. Ducks blown off their feet by the wind
How do a mother duck and her ducklings fare against strong wind you will see in this video.

1. Ducklings vs. Stairs
The cutest family of ducks trying to climb stairs.

What do you think is the best Duckling video?

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