Best 10 weird dances

Published on May 12, 2014 by best10videos

Best 10 weird dances

10. Chubby Indian Kid Dancing weird

9. Evolution of Dance By Judson Laipply

8. Funny weird dance face

7. Celtics Fan Dancing to Bon Jovi Living on a Prayer at a Celtics game
Video from Jeremy Fry, no it was not staged!

6. Mandaryna Powraca weird dance, parodia

5. Weird rave dancing
Some guy rave-dancing for no reason. “Ikke all dansing foregikk på scenen” is norwegian and means Not all dancing took place on-stage.

4. Weird Dance moves

3. Dancing Crazy Russian Party

2. Weird girl dancing

1. Two weird kids dance to Crazy frog

What do you think is the best weird dance video?

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  • Jennifer 8 years ago

    Number 7, the celtics fan dancing to Bon Jovi, what a great video is that! Love it!


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