Worst 10 Meltdowns

Published on May 12, 2014 by best10videos

The 10 Worst Meltdowns

10. Office anger
This guy must have been having a bad day to loose it like this.

9. Tom Cruise on Oprah

8. On the lake!
“No wonder they’re not together anymore. A wife’s temper tantrum has gone viral after her husband uploaded secretly filmed footage.  The woman, seated in the front of a car, kicks and screams after her partner says he can’t take her to the lake because he needs to finish chores.Did he set her up? What happened to the couple afterward?

7. Packer’s fan

6. Marshmellow Meltdown – Angry Grandpa
Old man blows up and all hell breaks loose, when somebody eats the marshmallows for the souffle.

5. Ann Coulter Meltdown
Kirsten Powers cuts off Ann Coulter’s diatribe about the failure of the Bush administration to capture Osama Bin Ladin being the Clinton administration’s responsibility. Watch as Coulter meltdown on screen after Kirsten moves onto the next question with another guest.

4. Tyra Banks meltdown
Tyra yells at a model.

3. Businessman in hotel lobby
Businessman has a very painful meltdown. All caught on tape.

2. Ed Harris Meltdown
While promoting “History of Violence” at the 2004 Toronto International Film Festival, costar Ed Harris caused some tension when describing his own notion of “violence.

1. Market Meltdown

What is do you think the worst Meltdown video?

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  • Robert K. 7 years ago

    I can’t believe you put Angry Grandpa in this list… :)) You know very well it’s just an act!


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